When You Might Need A Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer After A Car Accident

While you might think that car insurance will protect your vehicle, other drivers, and yourself, sometimes insurance providers might not have your best interests at heart after an accident. If you are in an accident and another party is at fault, their insurance may be slow or insufficient when it comes to your needs. Here are four instances where you might want to hire a motor vehicle accident lawyer to handle the aftermath of a car accident. Read More 

New Changes In Policy Mean New Problems For Immigrants Charged With A DUI

Getting arrested can be scary enough for anyone, but there's an extra element of fear involved if you happen to be an immigrant in the U.S. In addition, the laws surrounding one particular crime—driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol—have become increasingly stiff over the years. If you're in the U.S. on a visa, this is what you should know about a DUI. Your visa will be revoked once you are charged. Read More 

3 Ways You Can Save Your Home From Foreclosure

In 2015, almost 1.1 million foreclosures were filed with the courts. Of those foreclosures, many of the homeowners had options available to them to avoid foreclosure. If you are facing foreclosure, here are some ways that you can possibly avoid losing your home.  File for Bankruptcy Bankruptcies tend to get a bad rap, but filing for one can be highly beneficial for many people in certain financial situations. One of the most beneficial features of a bankruptcy filing is that the court temporarily stops all legal actions against you. Read More 

White Collar Crime And Corporate Law: Understanding Your Criminal Charges And Plea Deals

If you have recently been accused of a white collar crime (e.g., embezzlement, money laundering, Ponzi schemes, etc.) and arrested, there are some things you need to know about your criminal charges and corporate law. The charges brought against you impact the whole corporation you work for, so it is not just you that is being punished. As an investigation launches into your actions, other people in the company will also be investigated and possibly brought in on related charges. Read More 

Three Restrictions In Family Court And Special Circumstances That Your Child Custody Lawyer Could Override

There are many restrictions in family court when minors are involved. The younger the child or children involved in your divorce, the more likely it is that your children will have court-appointed representation whether they want it or not. The children themselves are frequently not allowed in court, nor are any other people besides you, your ex, the judge, the lawyers, a bailiff or two, and maybe a court reporter. However, there are some special circumstances that would allow or override these formal legal proceedings and restrictions. Read More