How Your Spouse May Be Trying to Gain an Advantage during a Divorce

Divorce can bring out the worst side in people, especially if they feel like they can lose assets due to a bad judgment in court. Here are some ways that your spouse may be looking to gain an advantage in court 1. Withholding Money If one spouse is making more money than the other person, they might withhold money as a tactic. They may do this by depositing their paycheck into a different account so that the lower-earning spouse does not have access to those funds, The idea is that the higher-earning spouse can withhold money as a bartering item during the divorce proceedings, even though they can't get away with it. Read More 

Beware: Some Dentists Make Horrendous Mistakes

Dental procedures do not always go as planned and your dentist may be required to take further steps to correct the problem. For example, your jaw might not have enough jaw bone to support a dental implant. However, there are some cases where a dentist makes a mistake so egregious that you are entitled to compensation for your injuries with the help of a dental injury attorney. Some Mistakes are Very Avoidable Read More 

Legal Separation: How To Deal With Vacation Time With The Kids

There are unique challenges that can present themselves with a legal separation as families go through a huge change. As parents try to determine who will get the kids when, it is important that they reach an agreement that everyone agrees to and that best honors the interests of the children. Keep reading to learn a few tips that will help in reaching common ground when it comes to figuring out how to share vacation time. Read More 

What You’ll Want To Know About Workers’ Compensation If Injured On The Job

Workers' compensation is designed to give you financial compensation if you were to ever become injured while doing something as part of your job. It is not only capable of paying for your medical bills, but also wages that you lost as part of the injury. Here are some things you'll want to know about workers' compensation if you were to ever become injured on the job. How Do You Start The Workers' Compensation Process? Read More 

The Power Of A Subpoena In Marriage Dissolution

Dissolving a marriage can be quite difficult, not only emotionally but also physically. When you end your marriage, you might decide that you want to work with an attorney, especially if you have a lot of assets you need to consider. You might also have issues like child support, spousal support, custody, and visitation to consider. For this reason, you might consider the impact of working with an attorney. Together, you might realize that it is a good idea to have a subpoena issued. Read More