Posting On Social Media Could Negatively Affect Your Car Accident Case

You may have been in a car accident that wasn't your fault and now you are putting together a case with your car accident attorney to sue the other driver or perhaps get those insurance benefits that your insurance company may be denying you. While you might not think it's important at the time, posting updates on social media might hurt your case in the long run.

Most people just post updates on their social media accounts either daily or a few times a week without thinking about it. If you are in the midst of a car accident lawsuit, however, this could have a negative effect on your case.

If you have already posted on your social media accounts since the accident and once your lawsuit has begun, talk with your lawyer about what posts to take down and what steps to take to lower your risk for an adverse reaction from the courts in your case.

Posts Could Be Seen As Admission Of Guilt

One of the problems with posting on social media after a car accident and during a legal case is that it can be seen as an admission of guilt. If you post pictures of the accident and then talk in detail about what happened, the courts could see it as you admitting to being at fault for the accident or even having some part in it instead of what really happened.

Your car accident attorney can go over your posts with you to determine which could be seen as an admission of guilt and what you should either edit or delete as soon as possible. They may recommend that you block or close down your accounts for the time being. Posts from friends and family can also be seen as potential evidence against you in your case. You or your lawyer can speak to your contact lists to have them stop posting or responding to your posts.

Posts Could Make It Look Like You Aren't As Injured As You Are

Another way posting on social media could hurt your case is that if you post pictures of sitting in a restaurant or at a park, the courts could see it as indicating that you aren't as injured as you are. Pictures and videos can be taken out of context, and insurance companies or the other driver's lawyer may do just that. They may show the courts that you are out in the public while claiming to be injured.

Your car accident attorney can help you either delete or put into context those images and videos so the courts can't use them against you. You may have a walker or wheelchair just slightly out of frame in a cropped picture, for example, and you can use the full photo in court to prove you are injured. Or, they can help put into context any videos or pictures that were posted by friends and provide proof of your injuries through medical records.

Contact an auto accidents attorney to learn more.