Getting Legal Help after Your Teen Drowns in a Neighbor’s Swimming Pool

Did you allow your teenager to go to a swimming party at a neighbor's house that resulted in him or her drowning? If you have learned that the drowning was due to your teen being suctioned under the water by a drain that was uncovered, your neighbor may be at fault for the incident. You have the right demand that money is paid for what your teen went through. This article will explain how a lawyer can help you sort out the situation so you can feel a sense of justice for your teenager's death.

Figure Out If Your Neighbor Is at Fault

Your lawyer will ask you about any details you can provide about the day of your teenager's drowning incident. If you were not present at the swimming party, you might be asked for the names of some of the people that were there. The lawyer will then contact people to ask them questions and determine if they can speak as witnesses in court if it becomes necessary. The witnesses will be asked about the condition of the drain, as well as if the cover was already missing or if someone at the party removed it.

Gather Enough Evidence

Proving that the drowning was due to a missing drain cover in the swimming pool will be done by your lawyer obtaining the police report. The police report will have solid details about the incident, as law enforcement officers would have had to investigate the scene when they arrived. You can also expect your lawyer to gather or request evidence for other things that you deserve to get compensated for. You can get paid for your teen's funeral expenses and any medical bills that may have occurred as well as for your pain and suffering.

Request Compensation from the Rightful Party

If your neighbor is covered by a home-insurance policy, the insurance company will likely cover all or a portion of the money that you are requesting. Your lawyer will present your claim amount to the insurance company first, as this will help with determining if a lawsuit will be necessary. Anything that the insurance company refuses to pay must be paid by your neighbor personally. Your lawyer might try to handle the case via mediation, but this will turn into a lawsuit if your neighbor doesn't cooperate. Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer concerning your teenager's drowning incident as soon as you can.