When You Might Need A Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer After A Car Accident

While you might think that car insurance will protect your vehicle, other drivers, and yourself, sometimes insurance providers might not have your best interests at heart after an accident. If you are in an accident and another party is at fault, their insurance may be slow or insufficient when it comes to your needs. Here are four instances where you might want to hire a motor vehicle accident lawyer to handle the aftermath of a car accident.

1. If Insurance is Slow to Pay Out

Sometimes insurance payouts can take a while after an accident, but if you are worried that an insurance agency is dragging their feet on purpose, you may need help. The insurance provider handling your case might be slow in coming forward with a settlement, offering to cover expenses right away, or may try to diminish your injuries. You may want to bring in a lawyer to move this process along.

2. If You Miss Work from Your Accident

Sometimes car accidents can cause an individual to miss work because of their injuries, a family member's injuries, or emotional stress. This time shouldn't be shortchanged and should be seen as a part of your overall need for compensation. If you are worried about your employment due to your accident, a lawyer can review your case and point out missed work as a direct correlation to this.

3. If Medical Bills are Mounting

Sometimes car insurance providers won't do all of the follow up and due-diligence that is needed when it comes to your medical needs. Your lawyer can consult with medical professionals and be sure to have an in-depth understanding of your long-term medical conditions stemming from an accident. By correlating these with your accident, you will stand a better chance of getting these bills covered by the other party's insurance.

4. If the Other Party's Insurance Won't Admit Fault

If you are having a hard time coming to a resolution on an accident and fair payout, getting a motor vehicle accident attorney involved will hold the other party and their insurance accountable. They can review all aspects of your case and you will be prepared to go to court if needed. Fault might be something your attorney can prove if the other party isn't willing to admit it.

Recovering from an accident can be a scary and trying time. Finding out later on that the other party's insurance is trying to minimize or dispute your claims can compound your ordeal. Don't get taken advantage of if you feel the settlement on the table is unfair. Work with a motor vehicle accident lawyer to ensure that your needs are covered directly after an accident and in the long run.

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