Five Services Elderly People Can Receive from a Probate Attorney

Elderly people often have a lot to worry about when it comes to their financial and legal affairs, especially if they don't have the guidance of an experienced attorney to assist them. Probate attorneys are legal professionals who specialize in the administration of estates and the distribution of assets after a person dies. They can provide valuable assistance in a variety of ways to help elders navigate the probate process with confidence and ease. Here are five key services a probate attorney can offer to elderly clients.

Estate Planning Assistance

One of the most important services that a probate attorney can offer to elderly clients is assistance with estate planning. This includes setting up trusts and wills to ensure that their assets are distributed according to their wishes after they have passed away. Probate attorneys can provide guidance on the best estate planning strategies to meet individual needs and can help with the preparation of legal documents such as powers of attorney and health care proxies.

Probate Administration

When a loved one passes away, their estate may need to go through a process called probate. A probate attorney can assist with this process, which involves proving the validity of the deceased person's will, determining the value of their estate, paying off any outstanding debts or taxes, and distributing assets to beneficiaries. Probate attorneys can help elderly clients navigate this complex process and ensure that their loved one's wishes are carried out properly.

Asset Protection

Probate attorneys can also provide assistance with asset protection, which is especially important for elderly clients who may be vulnerable to financial abuse or exploitation. An attorney can help establish trusts, guardianships, or conservatorships to protect vulnerable adults and their assets from fraud or other forms of abuse.

Medicaid Planning

Another valuable service that a probate attorney can offer to elderly clients is Medicaid planning. This involves helping clients to prepare and apply for Medicaid benefits, which can be essential for covering the costs of long-term care and medical expenses. A knowledgeable attorney can help clients navigate the complex rules and regulations around Medicaid eligibility and ensure that they receive the maximum benefits they are entitled to.

Dispute Resolution

Finally, probate attorneys can provide valuable assistance with resolving disputes that may arise during the probate process. Elderly clients may face challenges from family members or other beneficiaries who feel that they have been unfairly treated in a will or trust. A probate attorney can help mediate disputes and find solutions that are fair to all parties involved.

Probate attorneys can offer a wide range of valuable services to elderly clients. To learn more, contact a probate attorney near you.