Retaining An Experienced Trucking Accident Personal Injury Attorney

When you drive on local highways and city roads, you expect other motorists, particularly truck drivers, to take care and avoid causing wrecks. However, drivers of large semis or other types of trucks may lose control or fail to abide by the local rules of the road and cause serious accidents.

As the victim of a wreck, you have rights available to you that allow you to take legal and financial recourse against the responsible truck driver. You can make use of those rights by retaining an experienced trucking accident personal injury attorney to represent you.

Proving Fault

When the truck driver drives for a large corporation, that individual and the company for which he or she drives may try to pin the blame for the wreck on you. In fact, the lawyers for this business may try to intimidate you into taking the blame and dismissing any notion you have of taking legal action against the business's driver.

However, your trucking accident personal injury attorney can act as your intermediary and advocate in any legal contention that stems from the wreck. Your lawyer can assert your rights and fend off any legal action the driver tries to take against you. You avoid having to accept blame for anything for which you are not legally and financially liable.

Filing Claims

Further, your trucking accident personal injury attorney can get the insurance information of the truck driver so you can file claims to recover financial damages to which you are entitled. The insurer may owe you money for your car repairs, towing, and vehicle storage at the mechanic's shop. The insurer may also owe you funds for your lost income, medical bills, and punitive damages.

Your trucking accident personal injury attorney can file those claims and pursue them on your behalf. Your legal representation can ensure those claims get paid out in a timely manner and for the full amount for which you filed them.


Finally, your trucking accident personal injury attorney can advise you on if or when to take a settlement. You may get a settlement offer that fairly compensates you so you can get closure and move on with your life after the wreck.

A trucking accident personal injury attorney can advocate and mediate for you in legal action after a serious truck accident of which you are the victim. Your lawyer can also file insurance claims and advise you on taking a settlement offer.

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