Why Should You Contact A Bail Bondsman When You’re Arrested?

A surety bail bondsman or bail bond agent is a person who pays bail bonds for arrested persons who otherwise cannot raise the total bail money set by the court. By paying the bail bond, they act as a surety, promising the accused person will appear in court during hearing dates. In return, the charged person deposits with the bondsman a non-refundable fee, often 10% of the total bond amount. The following are the benefits of seeking the services of a bail bondsman when arrested.

Experience and Knowledge

Each state has different rules and regulations regarding bail and bond terms, and it can be challenging to process paperwork and comply with requirements. For instance, some states don't accept property bonds, whereas offering surety or private bonds services in others is illegal. A bondsman has training and experience in bond matters and knows the laws of different jurisdictions, thus making paying and filling bond paperwork a faster process. They advise you on alternative solutions, such as contacting an attorney in areas where their services are prohibited. Moreover, after securing bail for you, they explain the conditions set, such as appearing on hearing dates, travel restrictions, length of the bail, and consequences of violating the terms.

Protect Privacy and Finances

Courts are often apprehensive and demand documentation for your source of income, where the set bail is high and you have cash ready. They do so to ensure you pay clean money. That means you must share tax documents, contracts, bank statements, transaction receipts, etc., with the court. Such information exposes your private finances to third parties. Furthermore, gathering all that information may take time, resulting in additional custody time. For a bail bond agent, the court won't go to extra lengths to investigate their source of finances. That is because you only need to pay them a small percentage of the total bond money to act as a surety on your behalf. That also allows you to save money to care for your financial needs after being released. 


Sometimes arrests occur at the most inconvenient time, such as at night, making it difficult to access money or contact friends and family to raise bail. That means you'll have to spend time in jail. However, you can avoid this by seeking the services of a bondsman. Most of them operate day and night, thus saving the time you would have to wait to access bail money. In addition, they have quick access to cash through different mediums, e.g., wire transfers or hard cash, ensuring no delays in paying your bail and securing fast release. 

Take Away

Hiring the services of a surety bondsman is key to ensuring convenient and fast release from jail, explaining bond regulations, and maintaining financial privacy. Contact a reliable bondsman if you or a loved one gets arrested and immediately start bond processing. Reach out to a local service, such as A Professional Bail Bonds, to learn more.