How A Speeding Ticket Lawyer Helps In “Presumed” Speeding Cases

Getting a ticket after a crash is always frustrating, particularly when a person was driving at a reasonable speed. Unfortunately, these types of speeding tickets are common and are treated like any other, which may cause a trickle effect on a person's license and its points. As a result, you might need a speeding ticket lawyer to avoid these negative consequences. 

License Point Systems Can Trigger Expensive Fines

Crashing during winter storms often triggers a "presumed" speed limit speeding ticket, even if a person was driving under the normal speed limit. This situation can be very frustrating because it may trigger a point on a person's license that may push them into a yearly fine level. When this happens, they may end up paying hundreds of dollars for every year that their license is at that level.

And while states have different point systems based on their laws, these types of fines are often quite common. As a result, those who suffer a speeding ticket based on "presumed" speeds during a crash may want to fight their ticket. Though they may have accepted other speeding tickets in the past, avoiding this last one can help them keep their license in good shape.

Fighting This Type of Case

In cases when a "presumed" speed limit is responsible for a ticket, a person has a much better chance of winning. That's because there are often many variables that go into this situation. For example, a person can argue that they were driving properly, given the conditions, and that they have evidence to prove it. This may include eye witness testimony that shows an accident was caused by another person.

Just as importantly, a driver can argue that they weren't violating the posted speed limit and that others around them were driving just as fast, if not faster. The idea behind this defense is to show that the officer in charge of the ticket may be exaggerating the road conditions or that others were behaving in a way that the driver was and that they were not ticketed for these offenses.

Though these types of cases are often quite hard to win, they are not open and shut by any means. By working with a high-quality speeding ticket lawyer, it is possible to better understand how to defend against these types of cases and the different methods that can be used to ensure that a person doesn't end up with too many points on their license.