How Your Spouse May Be Trying to Gain an Advantage during a Divorce

Divorce can bring out the worst side in people, especially if they feel like they can lose assets due to a bad judgment in court. Here are some ways that your spouse may be looking to gain an advantage in court

1. Withholding Money

If one spouse is making more money than the other person, they might withhold money as a tactic. They may do this by depositing their paycheck into a different account so that the lower-earning spouse does not have access to those funds, The idea is that the higher-earning spouse can withhold money as a bartering item during the divorce proceedings, even though they can't get away with it. Your lawyer may have to request temporary spousal support if this happens, which will ensure the lower-earning spouse receives the money they need to survive during divorce proceedings.

2. Spying on Your Accounts

Your spouse may be trying to gain an edge wherever they can during a divorce by spying on your communications with your lawyer. They may even start the process by gaining access to your accounts before the divorce so that they can look in them later. This can be done by setting up email forwarding that you are not aware of, using keystroke loggers to gain your password, or even using your devices when you are not around to gain easy access.

You'll want to lock down access to your accounts and devices once the divorce process starts. Change passwords to email accounts and force a password to be used to access any device. Do whatever it takes to keep your communication private.

3. Extending the Legal Process

If one spouse has more money than the other, they may think that they can win by extending the divorce process as long as possible to increase the other person's legal bills. The goal will be to make the other person settle on items that are not in their favor in the interest of limiting the cost of their lawyer. If your lawyer feels like this is happening, they can give you recommendations to stop your spouse from doing this, and even request a judge to alter the settlement to account for the increased legal fees.

Do not underestimate what your spouse may try to do during the divorce process. Instead, work with a divorce law attorney so your spouse can't gain an unfair advantage during the process.