Legal Separation: How To Deal With Vacation Time With The Kids

There are unique challenges that can present themselves with a legal separation as families go through a huge change. As parents try to determine who will get the kids when, it is important that they reach an agreement that everyone agrees to and that best honors the interests of the children. Keep reading to learn a few tips that will help in reaching common ground when it comes to figuring out how to share vacation time.

Make Sure Both Parents Are Part of the Planning Process

You do not want to set up a strict vacation schedule and assume that your partner is going to just go along with it. Make sure that you include them in the initial planning process by getting their input, listening to what they would like, and be willing to make compromises. In the event that there is a longer vacation like a summer break, you may want to consider breaking it up. For instance, one parent can have the kids for half the vacation, and the other parent can have the kids for the other half. It is important for there to be cooperation between both parents for co-parenting to be successful during a legal separation.

Take Into Consideration What Would Make the Kids Happy

The most important thing is your kids' happiness, so make sure that you consult with them about their preferences. Find out where they would prefer to spend their time off. During summer break, one parent may have a large, safe yard that can be played in or a swimming pool. In the event that the kids had to switch schools for the school year, they may want to spend the summer with the other parent so they can spend time catching up with some of their old friends. When the children are allowed to play a role in the decision making, it will be easier to accommodate everyone, and everyone involved will feel satisfied with the end result.

Schedule a Family Meeting

To ensure that all everyone in the family is on the same page, schedule a family meeting. Parents and children should sit down together to work out all the details of how vacation time should be split. This will allow the kids to feel as if they are cared for and involved in the process. This can be particularly beneficial for the older children who have commitments, activities, and social lives. Plus, with a family meeting being called, you will be able to pull together a definite agreement in a single sitting as opposed to playing phone tag with one another and risking miscommunication.

Whether you are considering a legal separation or you are having problems with your partner in terms of visitation, contact a family lawyer in your area to learn about what to do next.