What You’ll Want To Know About Workers’ Compensation If Injured On The Job

Workers' compensation is designed to give you financial compensation if you were to ever become injured while doing something as part of your job. It is not only capable of paying for your medical bills, but also wages that you lost as part of the injury. Here are some things you'll want to know about workers' compensation if you were to ever become injured on the job.

How Do You Start The Workers' Compensation Process?

It is important that you notify your employer as soon as an injury happens in the workplace. You will need to make a formal report to document the incident, which will be a key part of getting your workers' compensation claim started. Do not worry if an injury does not allow you to notify your employer immediately, but every state has a timeframe of when your employer needs to be formally notified about the injury happening at the workplace. 

How Do You Prove An Injury Took Place At The Workplace? 

Your employer will likely want to know how the injury happened since the cause of the injury plays a key role in filing for workers' compensation. The injury must have happened while performing responsibilities that are a part of your job, either if that happens at the physical location of the office or not. It is up to you to prove how the injury was work-related so that you can receive workers' compensation.

It will help to have any witnesses that saw the specific incident that led to the injury happen, such as a slip and fall or equipment malfunctioning, since this will help strengthen your case. However, witnesses are not always an option. You may need to use your doctor to provide evidence of how the injury happened based on what they observe. 

Can An Employer Retaliate Over Using Workers' Compensation?

Know that you should not be penalized in any way as a result of using workers' compensation. If you return to work and are fully capable of performing your job but find that your hours have been cut back or your job description has changed to make your job less desirable, this could be counted as a form of workplace retaliation. You will have an issue on your hands that requires the help of a lawyer to help fight your employer to stop this from happening to you. It is illegal for employers to take action against you for simply using workers' compensation.

If you need help with a workers' composition claim, contact a workers' compensation attorney.