What To Do If You’re Ever Hit By A Car

Hopefully, you are never hit by a car as a pedestrian. Such an incident could be deadly -- or result in serious injuries. But sadly, people are hit by cars every day in the U.S., so it's important that you know what to do if you ever find yourself in this situation.

1. Move out of the street if you are able.

It's important not to move too far if you have been injured. You may make your injuries worse. However, if you are actually in the road, you run the chance of being hit again if you do not move. Quickly assess your medical state, and if you are able to do so, move to the side of the road ASAP. Sit back down on the sidewalk or curb.

2. Keep calm, and flag someone down to help.

If onlookers have not already gathered, call out to see if someone nearby comes to help you. They can call 911, so you do not have to. If you're able, you should also ask people nearby to take pictures of the scene and to wait around until the police arrive to give statements.

3. Share what happened.

If you are able, share what happened with the police when they arrive. Be as detailed in your description as you can. The police will ask onlookers what they saw, too, so do not worry if you can't recall all of the details, such as where the car actually struck you or what the driver looked like. Hopefully, the driver has stuck around and will also give a statement to the police. Let them do this -- do not interrupt or talk to the driver yourself. Let the police handle that part.

4. Go to the hospital.

Even if you think you're okay, you must go to the hospital after such a crash. Some injuries do not cause immediate pain. A doctor should check you out to ensure you are okay.

5. Contact a lawyer.

In most cases, the driver's insurance company will end up paying for your medical costs and other related expenses. However, collecting enough funds can be difficult, especially if your injuries are serious. So as soon as you are home and able, contact a lawyer and have them represent you. This will ensure you are given when you deserve after being hit as a pedestrian. The lawyer can help you sue the driver or their insurance company if it comes to that.

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