Ways To Avoid Being Coerced Into Street Racing

If you're browsing automotive clips on YouTube, you don't have to look very long before you find a compilation of cars racing each other on the highway. While it may look fun, it's also highly dangerous — with a legitimate risk of someone being hurt or killed. If you have a high-performance car, there's a chance that another driver will want to race you. This may be tempting, but in addition to the dangers, there's also a high probability that you could get a serious traffic ticket for street racing — also called stunt driving in many jurisdictions. A traffic ticket attorney can advocate on your behalf, but if you're found guilty, you may face a heavy fine and a license suspension. Here are some ways that you can avoid being coerced into street racing.

Don't Make Eye Contact

Street racing often begins when one motorist pulls alongside the other. On city streets, this can happen at a stoplight. On the highway, one driver will get beside another and maintain speed. Looking over at the motorist who is beside you — and who may be revving his or her engine — is a good way to escalate the situation. The eye contact can suggest that you're ready to race, and you may suddenly feel up for the challenge. You're better off looking straight ahead to send a message that you're not interested in racing — nor with the ticket that often comes with it.

Don't Rev Your Engine

Revving your engine to respond to the other driver is one way to escalate the situation. When you rev your engine, you might get caught up in the moment and be tempted to race for a short duration — which, of course, could result in a ticket. Even if you rev without racing, this can lead to legal issues. If a police officer were to witness you revving your engine aggressively at a stoplight, he or she may decide to write you a ticket for reckless driving.

Find A Different Route

If you're traveling quickly on the highway and another sporty car pulls along beside you in a clear attempt to coerce you into racing, it's ideal to try to get away from him or her. Two sporty vehicles traveling quickly side-by-side may look like a race to a passing police officer, and you could end up with a street racing/stunt driving ticket even if you legitimately weren't. If you're able to move to a different lane, reduce your speed, or even turn off the road, you'll avoid this risk.

If you find yourself with a street racing ticket, don't hesitate to contact a professional that specializes in traffic lawyer services