Delayed C-Sections: Do You Have A Case?

Women put their life, as well as the life of their unborn child into the hands of a medical provider during childbirth. The women expect to be protected. However, every year, a growing number of women face an unfortunate circumstance that leads to injury, or even the death, of their child. One of the situations is a delayed C-section. If you gave birth and your provider failed to perform a C-section promptly, and you suffered any loss or hardship, you may have a case for compensation; learn more.

Health History

A doctor is not just charged with the responsibility of examining a pregnant patient in terms of their current status. The doctor must also review her previous health history to determine what the best course of action is for her during the delivery process. The medical team caring for a woman who has a history of C-sections should always have a plan in place for a C-section, even if the patient is insisting on a vaginal birth. 

If the women had a C-section in the past, there is a higher than average chance she will need one in the future. If you had a history of C-section and your provider did not have preparations in place to perform a repeat C-section, you might have an option to move forward.

Distress Monitoring 

In addition to monitoring the health status of the pregnant women, the medical provider must pay an equal amount of attention to the condition of the baby. While the birthing process is intense for the mother, the process is just as trying for an infant. The care team is expected to continually monitor the child's heart levels and be prepared to take immediate actions should their levels reach an unsafe zone and perform a C-section. 

If your provider ignored the signs that your infant was in distress and delayed a C-section, their actions could be interpreted as negligent behavior, and you may have a case for compensation. 

Medical Conditions

For women with certain medical conditions, the birthing process brings about additional risks and concerns, especially when it comes to women with communicable diseases. For women with these types of illnesses, vaginal birth can actually put the child at risk for whatever condition that the mother has. 

For this reason, women that fall into this category often choose a C-section as their birthing option. If your doctor was aware of your current medical condition and you expressed a concern that you wanted a C-section birth, but the provider did not comply, he or she engaged in dangerous behavior. 

Speak with a birth injury attorney right away if your C-section was delayed for any reason. An attorney will comb through the specifics of your situation to help ensure that just is served.