Is Your Child Dealing with Birth Defects Because of Zofran?

Did nausea cause you a lot of trouble while you were pregnant, so your obstetrician prescribed you Zofran, and assured you that it was safe? If so, and your child has some birth defects or developmental concerns, your obstetrician could be at fault.

There are medical studies that show Zofran could increase the risk and be the cause of birth defects and problematic, and because you took the medication your child may pay the price. Here are a few things you need when you meet with a personal injury lawyer to talk about your case.

 List of Birth Defects

Your personal injury lawyer will have to research to make sure that the birth defects your child has are directly related to the Zofran medication. You will need proof of the defects from the pediatrician and other medical professionals involved with the case, and a statement from the doctors that explains why they think the birth defects are related to the medication. This may be the most important evidence you get for the case.

Medical Expense Report

Your lawyer needs to know how much money you've spent on medical bills because of the birth defects. Get printed statements for all of the medical costs you've endured because of the birth defects. You can easily call each office and ask them to email, fax, or mail a copy of the total amount, and then put everything in one folder for your lawyer to go through. This will help your lawyer compile an amount when they determine what type of settlement you need to cover the costs.

Prescription Information

Call or go to your pharmacy to get the prescription information. Find out exactly what amount you were taking, what the exact brand of the medication was, in case it was generic, and get proof of the doctor that prescribed it to you. The pharmacy should have all this on file.

If you thought there were no risks taking the nausea medication while you were pregnant and your obstetrician told you everything was going to be alright, you deserve to be compensated for the problems you now have to deal with. You took the advice of your medical professional because you trusted their expert opinion when it came to your health, and when it came to the safety of your child. Hire a lawyer like Gazewood & Weiner PC and find out what options you have to get compensated for your suffering.