3 Things That Can Cause Your Social Security Disability Claim To Be Denied

Filing for social security disability can be a daunting a process. At a glance, it looks easy enough - you just fill out paperwork and submit it. However, only an average of 28% of disability claims are approved on the first try. Here are three things that can cause your social security disability claim to be denied.

1. Lack of proper documentation.

One of the most important parts of your social security disability claim is proof of your disability. You will need to include medical records and a statement from your doctor that details your disability and how it affects you on a daily basis. You will need copies of any diagnostic imaging you have had done, any surgical reports, etc.

If your disability is a mental disorder, you will need any psychiatrist who has treated you to submit a very detailed statement of your treatment, including whether or not drugs or alcohol played a part in your condition. It may seem like a lot that you have to send in, but the more medical documentation you have, the better your chances of getting your claim approved.

2. Failure to follow treatment plan.

Another thing that can cause a disability claim denial is if you don't follow the treatment plan your doctor has prescribed. When you don't do what your doctor tells you to do, the disability review board will conclude that your disability isn't all that bad and would've been better had you followed the treatment plan. Therefore, they will deny your claim and you will have to file again after you have made an effort to follow the treatment plan.

However, there are some exceptions to this that the review board will accept. For instance, if following the treatment plan will cause an undue financial hardship, the treatment goes against your religious beliefs, or if the side effects of the treatment are worse than the condition itself, the review board will likely not deny you based on failure to follow a treatment plan.

3. Making too much money.

It seems unfair - you have to work so you can pay your bills, but your disability claim will be denied if you make too much money at the time you submit your application. As of 2015, at the time of your disability application you can't earn more than $1,090 a month, or $1,820 if you're a blind disability recipient.

That means your claim can be denied initially because you haven't been able to reduce your hours at work. For this reason, it is a good idea to either reduce the amount of time you work for your current employer or find another job with less work hours before you re-apply for disability benefits.

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