When Is It Time To Hire An Accident Attorney?

Not all car accidents require the services of an attorney. Some accidents are so minor that no injuries are sustained and no real damage is done. For some other car accidents there is no dispute over fault or who will be responsible for paying the bills. Still, there are many car accidents that warrant services of a lawyer, like the ones found at Kaston & Aberle. Knowing when to call an attorney can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars and hours or days of your own time. Here are a few of the times when calling a lawyer is the best course of action:

Your medical bills range in the thousands or tens of thousands.

Many car accident victims hire an attorney simply to recover lost medical expenses. The point at which it becomes worthwhile to hire an attorney is different for each person. While pursuing recovery of lost expenses is itself a task that many people wish to avoid, it's important to set a limit and speak to an attorney before that limit is reached, so that you can take prompt action when the time comes. 

You or one of your family members has been seriously injured.

Bodily injury is one of the best reasons to hire an accident attorney, even if your medical bills are covered by an insurance company. People who suffer injuries after car accidents can take weeks or months to recover. Some injuries from car accidents can result in permanent disability and/or chronic pain, which can have a long-term impact on your ability to work and function in every day life.

Although monetary compensation can only make up for some of this loss, many car accident victims require monetary compensation for the weeks or months during which they're unable to return to their normal employment. If you have been seriously injured in an accident, are experiencing chronic pain and ongoing medical treatment as a result of your car accident, or if you're unable to work as a result of your injuries, it's time to contact an experienced lawyer. 

You're in a dispute over fault. 

If you're engaged in a dispute over who is at fault, it's time to hire an attorney who can protect you and defend your rights. Whomever is found to be at fault in the accident may be saddled with long-term consequences. Hiring an attorney will ensure maximum protection as you navigate your way through a difficult situation. Your attorney will provide legal advice and will represent you in court, should you be required to appear in court. 

Once you're ready to hire an attorney, don't delay. Contact an accident attorney with experience and a reputation for excellence.