3 Things That Can Cause Your Social Security Disability Claim To Be Denied

Filing for social security disability can be a daunting a process. At a glance, it looks easy enough - you just fill out paperwork and submit it. However, only an average of 28% of disability claims are approved on the first try. Here are three things that can cause your social security disability claim to be denied. 1. Lack of proper documentation. One of the most important parts of your social security disability claim is proof of your disability. Read More 

4 Estate Planning Mistakes You Might Be Making

Throughout your life you have worked hard to earn what you now have. But since you won't be taking any of these hard-earned possessions with you when you die, it is important to plan your estate so that you can decide who will inherit what and how. However, estate planning is not just for dividing up your possessions; it also helps you to manage the final years of your life and to reduce the burden your loved ones might experience. Read More 

What Did You Just Find In Your Food? (And Should You Sue Over It?)

What happens when find something foreign in your food? Food that's been tainted with foreign objects can be distressing and disgusting, but when is it a cause for a personal injury lawsuit? It Depends On What It Is And What It Does Essentially, whether or not you have a potential lawsuit depends a lot on what you find in your food and what it does to you.  There's no way to prevent every possible contaminant from getting into your food, despite the best of precautions. Read More 

Married And Considering Bankruptcy? Opt For Individual Fillings In These Situations

There are a lot of decisions you need to make if you are married and wish to file for bankruptcy. One of these is whether to make individual filling or submit a joint one with your spouse. Here are four situations in which it pays to make independent fillings: 1. You Have Excellent Credit Even though many people's credits usually bounce back after bankruptcy, there is no denying that bankruptcy does have a big effect on credit rating. Read More 

4 Things To Understand When Doing Write-Offs For Taxes

If you are self-employed and are going to do quite a few write-offs for your business, then it is important to understand how they work. Here are 4 types of write-offs you should understand so that you know what counts toward your taxes. Office Write-offs First, you need to know what types of write-offs count. If you have a home office where you do all of your work, for example, then you can write off the space by giving the dimensions and the cost of you total rent or mortgage per month. Read More