Four Things You Need To Do During The Estate Planning Process

Thinking about death isn't fun, especially if it's your own. However, creating a plan to divide your estate after you're gone relieves the burden from your family members, as well as ensures that all of your loved ones understand your wishes. However, you need to do more than write a will when you're creating a plan for your estate. You need to take numerous things into consideration -- at the very least you need to do these four things. Read More 

Is Mediation The Best Option In Your Divorce?

Divorce mediation is one of the options you and your spouse have for settling the division of your marital assets and debts. Mediation can be beneficial, but it is not always the best choice for some couples. To help you and your spouse determine if mediation is a viable option, here are some situations in which it does and does not work.  When Is Mediation Possible? If you and your spouse have mutually decided to divorce and there is no chance of reconciling, mediation can possibly work. Read More 

Are Lawyers Necessary With Start-Ups?

If you are starting a business, you will need to make sure you have a business plan laid out before creating the company. The biggest part of your business plan will be how you plan on handling legal matters. The problem is, many people feel that if they have a small business, they can operate without the assistance of legal help, but then they face a lawsuit. There are definitely some things you can handle on your own, but many other things that you really should have a lawyer assist with. Read More 

Duis Vs. Diabetes: Why You Might Not Want To Drink If You Have The Condition

If you've been diagnosed with diabetes and are trying to adjust your lifestyle to fit your new health status, you might want to stop drinking. While drinking alcohol is itself not totally prohibited for many people with diabetes, a badly timed confluence of low blood glucose and a single drink can land you in real trouble. A severe case of low blood glucose can resemble being drunk, and if you've had anything to drink, no matter your actual blood alcohol level, you are going to have a tough time convincing people you weren't actually drunk -- if you survive. Read More 

How Can You Transfer Ownership Of A Home To One Spouse During Divorce?

Once you and your spouse decide on who is going to keep the home after the divorce, you need to ensure that the deed is solely in the name of the person retaining ownership. If you are the spouse retaining ownership, you can choose to file a quit claim deed or opt for an interspousal transfer. Before deciding which is best for your situation, it is important you understand how each works and under which situations each should be used. Read More